Workspace365 - How To Achieve Life Mastery Online Panel Moderation

PROJECT: A very different discussion requiring a different approach! These four panellists’ overlapped in their expertise (majority were specialists in behavioural theory) so the best approach was to first allow them each to present for 10mins then shorten the panel discussion, focussing on very current challenges which small businesses face in the COVID-19 lockdown era. Their presentations were broad, presenting on positive mindset for small business owners whereas the panel was focussed on practical strategies for business to utilise these skills to overcome the pressures of lockdown.


EVENT: How To Achieve Life Mastery In 2020, An Evening to Celebrate Style, Substance, and Social Sciences aims to answer the question: How can we stay confident in intense social and professional environments and succeed in life?  Learn performance-based goal setting and strategies from our panel of Mindfulness, Cognitive Fitness and Emotional Intelligence experts. 


AUDIENCE SIZE: 80 (online)


Alexi is an incredible panel moderator, with the ability to synthethise collective viewpoints into one robust conversation. Her intelligent questions open up key points from each speaker, while articulate summations keep the energy within the discussion thriving and robust.

Alina Berdichevsky, Communications & Cognitive Leadership Consultant


March 31, 2020
Education / Event Marketing
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