Terrapinn Events - VETEXPO Webinar Delivery

PROJECT: This webinar facilitation developed a Small Biz Matters webinar for small business only into an industry specific project. Through good planning and collaboration with the other speaker the content was curated specifically for Veterinary practitioners. Gary’s content for Vets was seamlessly incorporated into an existing slide deck and the handover between speakers, flawless.

You can watch the video HERE:


EVENT: Join Alexi Boyd, The Conversation Curator and Gary Turnbull, Lincoln Institute Director and Industry expert who will share practical strategies on how to get through the shutdown with a checklist tailored for your small business veterinary practice. Topics include revisit or start your business plan, financial strategy, legals, insurance, security.


AUDIENCE SIZE: 50+ (online)

On behalf of the team at Terrapinn Australia and The Vet Expo 2020, we would like to say a big thank you! We appreciate the collaboration, direction and drive you brought to the project. Alexi, working with you on curating The VET Expo webinar series was engaging and your knowledge really shaped the webinar together beautifully and naturally! Until the next timeā€¦

Rebecca Agheli, Event Director Terrapinn


June 10, 2020