ReceiptBank - Online Panel Moderation


It’s crucial to prepare a panel so that the speakers feel comfortable in presenting their expertise but also safe in the knowledge that the session will be time managed, fair and equitable. For this group of finance professionals it was important to listen to what the knowledge they wanted to share then marrying this with the “key takeaways” from the organisers. Through the prep session I was able to tease out of the guests how they had leveraged tech to grow their business and support their clients. They were very different journeys, but through the interviewing process I developed the best questions to enable them to share their expertise.



A stellar panel lined up by ReceiptBank, moderated by Alexi Boyd from The Conversation Curator. We were joined by Hani El – Rafei, Director of Crunchlab, Jessica Rachow, Director of Be Accounted and Luis Sanchez, General Manager of Receipt Bank. Together they discussing their digital accounting journey, how they implemented technology into their business, their tech stack and many more learnings.


AUDIENCE SIZE: 100 (online)


You drove the conversation and added value in just the right amount as you transitioned from speaker to speaker.  You clearly added a lot of value to the conversation, and it was also clear to anyone watching that you had done your homework before the webinar… which makes you show up as very prepared and on top of your stuff.

Luis Felipe Sanchez, Managing Director & General Manager, Australia Receipt Bank


May 27, 2020