Pre-Xerocon - Cloud Apps Meetup Panel: The digital dirt road ahead...

PROJECT: Audience of highly insightful, forward-thinking financial professionals looking forward to hearing from the panel of global fintech Founders & CEO’s delivering their predictions on the next 5 years in the Fintech industry. The questions which arose from the Pre-Panel discussion were focussed around the industry’s reaction to change (or rather being the instigator of change), what recent, external trends have impacted the industry and which advisors are leading the pack? 


EVENT: A fun and informative Mastermind community session to warm us up for the Xerocon Precon Party 2019 and conference the following day. Join global experts in the Accounting Technology space to hear about modern technology and solutions.




Alexi coordinated and facilitated a great panel last week. Having seen how these can be thrown together last minute – I was really impressed with the time taken to properly prep the panellists, and then go on to lead the conversation so the audience was able to get real value. This is a great skill, and I’d endorse wholeheartedly!

Colin Hewitt, CEO & Founder, Float 


September 1, 2019
Education / Event Marketing / Commercial / Communications
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