Online MCing - Community Supporting Community Afternoon Chat

PROJECT: Community Supporting Community Afternoon Chat ~ A daily COVID inspired catchup to support bookkeeping and accounting professionals all over the world. Every Friday I host F**ck Off Fridays – the one day of the week where we DON’T go live on Facebook or record and participants and share war stories, life lessons and general chit chat. They go on for hours.

Fostering the relationships of these wonderful colleagues means the world to me and I am proud that these guys look forward to every Friday to unload their troubles and make great friends.


EVENT: Cultivating connection, conversations, transformation, brainstorming, ideas exchange, inspiration, support and paving the way for increased care and generosity in our shared new normal. The Community Supporting Community initiative is the accounting and bookkeeping community coming together to support each other’s mental health and wellbeing during these stressful times. Everyone in the community (including app partners and people in other countries) are welcome to join.
Thank you for finding us. We shall get through this together.


AUDIENCE SIZE: 2000+ (online)


September 6, 2020
Community / Education
Accountants & Bookeepers from around the world!