Best Case Scenario - Case Study Online Interview - Transforming Online Meetings into Meaningful Conversations

PROJECT: An online interview with events industry thought leader Luli Adeyemo, Director of Best Case Scenario & client Therese O’Dwyer, Director of Regional Development Aust. In this 45min Zoom interview I moderated the conversation to highlight the success of Best Case Scenario in pivoting an event to an online format in less than two weeks.


EVENT: So how can you control this and what pre webinar prep can you do to prevent your audience from screen flicking, multitasking or grabbing a quick coffee from the kitchen? Luli Adeyemo from Best Case Scenario and her client Therese O’ Dwyer from RDA Sydney sat down with radio presenter Alexi Boyd to discuss how a two week planning window achieved a 100% attention rate and a very low drop off rate during their webinar entitled ‘Remote Working Strategies’ attended by Government, Councils, Universities & Australian businesses

Watch the interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8vo81h4sVM




April 13, 2020
Commercial / Communications / Online
Best Case Scenario, Regional Development Australia