Institute of Practicing Accountants - Small Practice Success conference Experts Panel

PROJECT: The Panel entitles “Learning form the experts: The road ahead for Australian accounting landscape” aimed to educate the audience of accounting professionals how to leverage their experience as client advisors to position as the small business expert. Experts explained that strategy was key and being mindful of your own staffing capacity was important to ensure you can service your clients diverse needs, as they arise. The panel also discussed the role of technology in the growth of accounting firms and gave tips on the best practice software. 


EVENT: National Institute of Practicing Accountants conference, NSW & ACT 2019 Small Practice Success where the IPA is committed to recognising the vital contribution small business makes to economy globally through the support of our small business.





October 1, 2019
Education / Event Marketing / Commercial / Communications
IPA, St George, The Tax Factor, Tailored Accountants