Hewlett Packard - Online Panel The impacts and opportunities of Megatrends on Australian business

PROJECT: As a small business thought leader I was invited to offer my thoughts on a discussion about the unfolding global mega trends and the likely affect on Australian small businesses. The objective of this project is to build on the existing Megatrends report and keynote series and apply a real-life lens from an SMB perspective, to make it relevant for local Australian business owners. We explored how Megatrends in technology change the way we do business, identified how to prioritise tech and innovation for positive growth and we shared actionable insights and advice on how Australian businesses can stay ahead of all this change, innovate, adapt, and unlock new opportunities.


EVENT: While Megatrends are set to transform the world in the years to come, their impact is already being felt in Australia – with half of all Australian small businesses already struggling to keep up with the rapid pace of transformation.

In the second part of our Megatrends for Business digital event series, HP Megatrends Ambassador Paul Burman is joined by four of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs and business experts, to discuss the real-world impacts and opportunities of Megatrends on Australian businesses.




February 1, 2020
Education / Communications
HP Hewlett Packard, Transmission Agency