AIMed Talks - Podcast & Interviews with Conference Keynotes


To interview five plenary keynotes & produce 30min podcasts for the upcoming AIMed conference for event company Best Case Scenario. Through a conversational style Alexi was able to discover how these thought leaders utilise Artificial Intelligence, robotics and machine learning to improve the health sector. These podcasts formed part of the marketing material for the conference and were drip-fed out through website, social media info and advertising for the conference. Interviewees included Dr Mukesh Haikerwal (fmr President of Aust Medical Assoc), Prof Enrico Coiera (Foundation Prof Medical Informatics at Macquarie Uni) & Berne Gibbons (Head Strategic Relationships, Infomedix)


Example – Who better to explain the future of AI in the Australian Healthcare landscape than the founder of the Australian Alliance for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, Professor Enrico Coiera? In this long-form interview with Alexi Boyd, radio host, Enrico explains how, through years of education and experience in both the AI and Medical sectors he’s developed a deep understanding of how these can collaborate through growth to improve the lives of patients, clinicians and the industries themselves.

As an advocate for e-healthcare and improving the patients’ and clinician’ experience he is looking forward to sharing his experiences when speaking at the upcoming 2019 AIMed Australia conference in Sydney on 12th & 13th November.


AUDIENCE SIZE: 100 (online via AIMed SoundCloud)


September 15, 2019