North Sydney Innovation Network - ACU presents The Opportunity of EdTech with Lisa Vincent

PROJECT: A few weeks ago I was privileged as The Conversation Curator to work with the team at North Sydney Innovation Network (NSIN) to #facilitate a discussion with Lisa Vincent, the CEO of HowToo. I learned all about the future of the #elearning industry and how it is evolving beyond the classroom into all areas of corporate & small business plus what the future holds for e-learning experts graduates


EVENT: The Opportunity of EdTech – What we know about technology is that it doesn’t destroy jobs – the robots are not taking over, BUT the speed at which we need to learn new skills is growing. How do businesses cope when graduate (& manager) knowledge is fast going out of date? Enter the ‘The Canva of eLearning’ (Dynamic Business), HowToo. HowToo is an authoring tool that allows businesses to create custom learning modules using pre-made templates with built-in learning science … and we will hear from its co-founder!


AUDIENCE SIZE: 40 (online)


March 3, 2021
Northern Sydney Innovation Network / ACU